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Can CBD Help Treat Memory Problems Caused By PTSD?

 Can CBD Help Treat Memory Problems Caused By PTSD?

PTSD is a psychological disorder resulting from exposure to or involvement in a traumatic event. One potential symptom of PTSD is problems with memory. This may be improved by improved sleep, mindfulness training, psychotherapy, and medication. There is also evidence that CBD can help improve memory problems associated with PTSD.

What Memory Problems Are Associated With PTSD?

Memory problems and associated trouble concentrating are a frequent symptom of PTSD. In many cases, individuals suffering from PTSD may have memory lapses around the specific, traumatizing incident.

The link between post-traumatic stress disorder and memory problems is not entirely clear; however, research suggests, among other things, that predisposition to memory problems may actually be a risk factor for memory problems associated with PTSD.

How Are Memory Problems Associated With PTSD Treated?

In general, PTSD is best treated clinically by a combination of psychotherapy and medication, when it is deemed necessary.

Certain practices can improve memory problems associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. These include getting sufficient sleep, and practicing meditation and/or other mindfulness practices. In many cases, these are employed alongside speaking with a professional, and if necessary using medication.

Can CBD Help Treat Memory Problems Associated With PTSD?

There is evidence that CBD can be a helpful treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. In particular, evidence suggests that CBD may have benefits associated with memory processing.

Setting this aside, CBD is widely used for anxiety disorders, and evidence suggests that CBD for anxiety can be a useful treatment. There is also some evidence suggesting CBD for better sleep can be a useful treatment — and in particular CBD for insomnia, which along with nightmares is sometimes associated with PTSD. (As noted, better sleep may help improve memory problems associated with PTSD.)

Ultimately, more research is needed to fully understand the link between CBD and PTSD-related memory problems. Individuals experiencing memory issues associated with PTSD should consult with a medical professional about possible dosage of CBD for memory problems.

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