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Can CBD Help Manage the Symptoms of Chlamydia?

 Can CBD Help Manage the Symptoms of Chlamydia?

Every year, nearly 2 million new cases of chlamydia are reported to the CDC in the United States alone. If you are among the newly diagnosed, or if you are one of the several million who are still trying to combat symptoms of chlamydia, you may wonder what more you can do to treat the condition and achieve greater comfort on the path to healing. Though unconventional, more diagnosed persons are turning to CBD for pain management and its powerful healing properties.

What Is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted infection that is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis and that spreads through sexual contact or contact with infected fluids. It can develop in the throat, cervix, rectum or urethra and may or may not present symptoms right away. Even when symptoms of chlamydia do develop, they are typically mild in the beginning and so easily overlooked. Once chlamydia matures into a full-blown infection, the infected may experience the following symptoms:

•         Vaginal discharge

•         Discharge from the penis

•         Painful urination

•         Bleeding after sex and between periods for women

•         Painful intercourse for women

•         Testicular pain

If left untreated, chlamydia can lead to more serious health problems and possibly result in infertility in women.

How CBD Can Help Chlamydia

According to research, CBD is a natural pain reliever, stress reliever and immune defense, making it a viable treatment for STDs and STIs. Diagnosed persons who use CBD for pain management found that it helped to alleviate the burning sensation, reduce the pain in the genitals and reduce inflammation. Moreover, it helped alleviate the stress of living with an STI.

CBD for bacterial infections in general proves to be a promising treatment. According to additional studies, CBD can help to restore damaged cells. This is particularly helpful when dealing with chlamydia, as chlamydia is characterized by extensive tissue damage.

How To Apply CBD Oil for Chlamydia  

Despite the lack of research regarding chlamydia and CBD use, what evidence does exists suggests that CBD oil cannot hurt. Start with a small dosage of CBD oil and massage it gently to the infected area. Do this for up to two minutes. Let it sit to maximize the oil’s restorative properties.

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